More feel-good flow and less FML

You become what you already are  ↔  how you feel grows your roots of attraction.

And since like attracts like it is a good idea to be aware of our patterns of thoughts, for they lead to how we feel – which then leads to how we act, attract and live our life. But what does it really mean? Does it imply that our perspective and the way we view our world is creating it? Does it mean that it is not who we are that matters, but rather who we believe ourselves to be. It might be. 


I feel Pretty 

Law of attraction is an Universal law that is just as powerful as the Law of Gravity, but we can’t see its power, yet it is ingrained in every life on planet Earth. Its existence is and always will effect our lives whether we know it or not. Meaning you and I are always under the influence of Law of attraction: actively aware and creating, or unaware and believing that the conditions around matters the most… If we choose to work our ways (cuz it really takes work) into believing in something new, thinking, feeling and acting in ways that feels better, then, and only then… can what we are experiencing change, bit by bit, step by step. 

I you haven’t seen the movie “I feel Pretty” I highly recommend it, especially if you’re currently thinking what the hell is this crazy girl on about…. “I feel Pretty” is a silly comedy with a sigificant message!  “You dont get what you want, you get what or whom you believe yourself to be”. I have heard and seen those words so many times before, but I haven’t really understood its meaning and practical appliance before I digged dip into the teachings of Ester & Abraham Hicks (I will include links to some of my favourites at the end of this blogpost).  


Self defeating thoughts on steroids… 

I grew up thinking that I needed to look perfect to be good enough. I lived my life trying to please people, especially my mom. But I never reached up to the level that I believed she wanted me to be at. So I was always disappointed at myself and my own achievements. No matter how much I tried it was never good enough, and no matter how much I achieved it was never enough. So with lots of efforts I ended up exhausting myself. And ironically when I grew older I adapted the role of my mother, making it impossible to reach the top of my own expectations for me. The higher up I climbed the more strenuous the mountain seemed to be, leading me to walk a long way, in the wrong direction…

Back then when I was in the middle of it all I couldn’t see that I was the only player in a loosing game, a game that I myself  had created. I didn’t understand that I was the one and only person leading my own way in the wrong direction towards the edge of a f*** steep cliff.  I had self defeating thoughts on steroids, and they were always making sure that I was downsized to whom I believed myself to be: not good enough. If you are one of the people seeing me grow up and you’re now thinking, what YOU??! How can that be, you were always so happy, bubbly and (fill in the blank). Yes indeed I was, and it was 100% sincere and real too. I loved being around  people and I was really good at thinking and feeling good about others…. the only person I left out of the feel-good equation was myself.  


My old ways had to be destroyed for a new way of life to be born

So in my twenties I tripped and fell a loooong way down the cliff. BOOM! At rockbottom I thought that my life was over, or that was what I wanted it to be. Only a long time after I got myself back on my feet again I realised that my old ways had to be destroyed for a new way of life to be born. Now I understand that everything I thought myself to be was based on a false belief system that I had built up by destructive thinking on repeat. I wasn’t aware of my own negative programming for it had been going on for so long, so it was all normal for me, simply because I knew no other world. Until I did. Years later… 


So the story goes:

Little girl: ME. In materialistic ways – spoiled. In emotional ways – lacking. Love and acceptance male-nourished. Growing up with a fake fasade of everything needing to be perfect to be good enough. Showing vulnerability = weakness, DONT do that kid. Keep quiet when hurting, just pretend that all is good. Not dealing well with my ways of life. Teenager, wanting out, moves to England. Then life changes in unexpected ways. Dad in a serious accident = first big challenge and strong contrast life gives me. Years later, me getting seriously sick = second big and badass challenge. Sickness seems to have healed, I thought… about 4 years with health issues follows. Collon collapses. Doctors tell me that I am doomed for life, with strong medications and operation as my only option. I refuse to accept their label. I become desperate and depressed. I find yoga, I dont like it, at first. Then my yoga practice starts healing me. Yoga becomes my new way of life. It completely heals my body and being. I find my passion, my passionate work. I am looking back and learning how to discover the blessings in disguise from all the hardships that I had been through. I forgive everyone, and most importantly myself. I am willing to learn how to love myself and my life. So I am here now. Sharing this with you…


You can always change the story you keep telling 

It has been enough bumps in the road for me to get familiar with the feeling of getting bruised, and some of them has hurt like hell, but I have always got my bum back on track again, and goddam am I proud of me! Now is the time to say it out loud because I have never dared to do so before. I AM PROUD OF ME! And I am proud of all of you that has survived any kind of hardships and struggles that has made you feel challenged in any way. Well done you! Because now you’re here, reading this, meaning that you are on your way. You can choose to let what has happened be a lesson to learn from, and grow wiser and stronger. Or you can pick your battle and let the past be the reason to settle for less then what you want and deserve now and in your future. 

You can always change the story you keep telling to yourself and others. If you want to. If you believe you can. You already have the power that you need, you just gotta learn how to use it.  You have to dare to believe in you – in every way possible. If that seems like a diffircult and even unwilling way to live your life right know, just know that it is not impossible. It just takes time – patience – and willingness to try something different to create something new for you, and how you choose to live your life. Why? Because you can, and because you deserve it. You goddam beautiful being! 


More feel-good flow and less FML 

We all have our ways to feel inspired and empowered to make the changes that we know are better for us. But it isn’t always easy to know how to change the story that we are used to telling ourselves and others, and sometimes we dont wanna change at all, and that is ok too. Just make sure that you do whatever leads you in the direction of more feel-good flow and less feeling of FML 😉  If you, like me have a few poisonous patters on repeat, cut them off! They are not worth dealing with when you instead can get your hands dirty with some real feel-good shit.

If you dont know how, just start somewhere with something that inspires you in one way or another, something that lights you up and puts a smile on your face! What that might be I can’t tell you, because it depends on the person looking in the mirror. But what I can do is to share something that always gets me back on track if I need to redirect my course to enjoy the journey more.

Yes, yoga, writing, dancing, fitness fun, laughing, singing, nature, animals, good friends & family is of course an important part of the equation, at least in my life. But I also have a secret that I turn to on a daily basis to get my positive programming ON FLEEK (as the youngsters say these days), so now I am gonna share some of my favourite ones with you. 







Some of my favourite inspirations » »




Dont settle for less than you want


How to make life effortless


→ Ester is a world renown speaker and healer. She is answering the questions from her audience in her workshops and shares that wisdom and experience with us too. 



Are you scared of change? 

→ A motivational video from Mulligan Brothers with actor Peter Dinklage speaking.



Clumsy Thumbsy 

→ Just to get a good laugh… After all, they say that laughter cures everything 







Keep up the good vibes you wicked ones 












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