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Rumors (and Google) claim that Croatia is beautiful beyond matters. So when the opportunity to join in on a Yoga retreat at the Isle of Vis knocked on my door, I answered: I am in!

Arriving at the tini tiny airport in Split I was all set to see the Croatian magnificence that I’ve heard so much about. The airport shuttle was patiently waiting to drive a few highly exited Asians and me into town. I sat down cross-legged in the front row aiming for the best view (naturally, as Yogis do) Sightseeing + Sukhasana, yes please!


After about 30 minutes my open hips and I were ready for action… When the bus turned a corner towards the harbor the sight of the sea gave hope to my curious heart. I was enjoying getting lost in a new place, as I do when my sense of direction yet is to be developed. I discovered the magic of an old historical town so proud and profound. The small streets of Split expose a world of fashion, gelato, fig cakes, hand made jewelry, gourmet chocolate and delightful Croatian cuisine: A world that one willingly can get lost in for a while…


6 hours later I was standing on the harbor with hopeful eyes and a happy tummy exited to meet up with my fellow Yogis for a week with Surya Namaskar and herbal tea. We sat course towards Isle of Vis where our little Yoga adventure where bound to begin. A beautiful night sky full of stars and the reflection of the moonlight in the water was the scene that settled as my first impression of Isle of Vis. A completely peaceful and silent harbor on a Saturday night… Really? That’s a first.
“And I want you, we can bring it on the floor, you have never danced like this beforeeee!” = The funky tunes beaming towards us from the car of our highly enthusiastic Croatian driver. Needless to say, there was no more silent Saturday. I guess it was some sort of Saturday fun going on after all, at least exclusively private on 4 wheels.


– “Come come, let me take your suitcase. Ouuuch… Heavy Miss, very heavy.”
Bummer! I forgot to give him a heads-up as I was busy getting lost in the catchy lyrics of Stolen Dance: “We don’t talk about it. Lalalaaa”. Apparently I have to learn how to pack light, OR just buy a smaller suitcase, maybe two…
Anyways, a sincere smile saved me from being a party pooper as the heavy luggage, the funky beats and my lovely ladies were ready to daaaance (read: drive). Our cheerful driver and his private party drove us up, down and around the mountains. After 15 minutes with singing and swinging we arrived at the Yoga retreat location.


Stunning old stone villas, grape fields and a few lizards welcomed us into this new world of wonder. Hugs, handshakes and a light dinner later I felt the urge for some highly needed beauty sleep after a long day. So I crawled up in my queen size and enjoyed a few hours on the eye…


Waking up from a night with daring dreams I was ready to rumble at 7:00 AM. Apparently a little earlier than anyone else, but after an hour or so (when we actually where meant to begin) my fellow Yogis and I started our day with a revitalizing Yoga morning practice. What a great way to start the day! And thanks to Jenn, our frikkin fabulous Yoga teacher we got to start our day just like that every day. Yoga done, breakfast next. A delish breakfast was highly needed by hungry Yogis before the daily discovery of Isle of Vis was on the schedule. The next few days Mario brought us along to see different sights of Isle of Vis: Croatia IS truly beautiful!








 Art therapy session



 when the restlessness kicks in after a few hours with art…. STRIKE A POSE! 


Back at the retreat hungry but happy, lunch was always a daily highlight. And after about an hour of rest and digest we were ready for a mellow Down Dog in round two of our daily YogaLove. Jenn threw her magic spell on us with her “Jennissism” throughout the entire week with daily meditation, pranayama and inspiring asanas. Some asanas more challenging than others, and some fabulous fun to do. Learning to love´em all. “After all it is just Yoga my ladies, so let go and have fun” – as Jenn would say when we’re slowly killing ourselves in double painful Pigeon pose.


A new day = a new Chakra. Each day our Yoga practice was aimed towards a new chakra: Assisting to balance and empower each and every 7 of our important energy centers. Mani (Manipura/Solar Plexus Chakra) definitely became the talk of the week. What would Mani say? Think about that next time you make a decision, and hey! Remember to engage your core… As you probably can tell my lovely Yogis and I had a great time learning and laughing together. And then came the day when hip opening asanas stood steady on the agenda, thus laughter turned into tears.


Yoga is truly a journey within oneself. A journey where you´ll discover both lessons and love. When you meet a contrast stuck in the corner of your mind, give it a helping hand so that it can get up and going. Yoga helps you to let go of all that no longer serves you. Even if it might appear as an unpleasant experience at the time, it will be worth it. When one dares to surrender one can live to learn, not to control. And guess what: That makes life so much more fun – live life to love life!

So we did, the entire week: With both laughter & love invited to the party.




To my fellow Yogis:
Thanks for an inspiring, motivating and enlightening week of wonders.
You are all SO beautiful – inside and out 

To Mario and Milda:
Thanks for delicious vegetarian cuisine, sightseeing and service.





Namaste ◊


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