Skinny dipping into cold waters

In these times of holidays and heartfelt gatherings of family and friends I find myself looking back. This time I am not only looking back at the recent year of 2017 but also 2016. And the end of last year I didn’t really reflect on anything that happened or any of the things that I accomplished, created or shared. In fact I rarely do, but now might be the time to tell you a little something…


In the past year of 2017 my life has been something that can be described as hardships and happiness dirty dancing together. And I definitely didn’t enjoy the show when hardships was leading along on the dance floor, but damn did I learn a lot from it! I have never been so courageous before, nor have I ever been so disappointed. Not as a result of the risks that I took, but more so because of the ways life went that didn’t quite meet the expectations that I had for how the journey was meant to be. Yet I knew that I needed to try for something else to create something new, so I went for it 100%.  


Fully fired up with adventure and adrenaline in my body I jumped head first into the cold water, trusting that the experience was gonna be worth it. Only to discover that I shouldn’t have blindly trusted everything and everyone. Did I mention that I was skinny dipping and that my clothes was stolen when I got back on shore… I hate when that happens.


But you know it´s too easy to say that I shouldn’t have done this or that, when in reality there´s no such thing. I believe that everything we experience and everyone we share those experiences with is all part of a bigger picture. A bigger picture that provides us a framework, but it´s up to us to be the artist and choose the colours we wanna paint our picture with. So despite of hardships and hurts that leaves us disappointed and wondering why, there will always be a way  within all the worry…


“We live and we learn” might be one of the most common quotes there is, but actually living the way it suggest isn’t as simple as it seems. Being challenged in life gives us the opportunity to either paint everything black and let it stay that way by living a life full of grudges and greys. Or we can go crazy with all the shades of greys for a while and let it be the artwork it is, showcasing all the pains and struggles. Then let it go. Let it go! Let it gooo! (Currently: Frozen theme song on replay in my head. Yes… you’re welcome).


So how the fuck do we let go of something without pretending that it doesn’t matter as much as it actually does? How do we clean up our plate without faking it? 

Well, we must first accept what we didn’t wanna see it or feel in the first place – we must confront the fear, the pride and the pain. Go though it and then choose to let it go for the better good of ourselves and others.



I guess you can pick your party, the alternatives are as varied as our preferences. Here is some of mine: Writing in my journal (or here), dancing, singing, yoga, meditation, connect to nature and maybe the hardest but most important one; dare to communicate with those involved if you’re in such a situation…


So why all this?

Why is it worth working with what we are feeling when we are feeling challenged and discouraged?
Why can’t we just hide behind the brick walls that we build to protect ourselves, instead of going through them?


I bet you can come up with quite a few reasons both in favor and opposition of my suggestions, and that´s ok. We are all different in our ways of life, and I can only share mine through the perspective I am currently looking through. So my answer to that is simply… We can’t continue to do the same things and expect different results. Nothing happens before energy moves. So cleaning your plate before cooking a new meal might be a good idea.


It is very efficient and effective to work with energy since we all are exactly that: energy. Our bodies, our thoughts, our feeling and our entire being is made up of energy. So you, and I, we, all of us – already have all the power we need within us to “program” that energy to work in our favor rather then in opposition to what we want and who we wanna be.
So on that note, here is a few side notes from my experiences sharing a little something of what I have learned along the way:  



I have learned that we never get more hardships than we can handle.

I have learned that life is crazy beautiful, and sometimes the ways of wonders are hidden behind layers of doubt and worry.

I have learned that taking chances might lead to falling on my face, but the real lesson is to see the blessings in disguise and appreciate the lessons learned. 

I have learned that I can be happy, sad, energetic, social and lonely – all in a heavenly mix of feelings that are equally valid in each its ways.

I have leaned that I can feel proud of myself and my life without being afraid of how it is perceived by others.   

I have learned that I can be supportive, loving and helpful with others without necessarily expecting the same ways in return. 

I have learned to be me, and I have learned that it is good enough. 



I am truly thankful for all the experiences I have had and everyone that I have shared those experiences with.

I am thankful for my life and the ones of you that is a part of it too. 

I am thankful for that I keep trying, falling on my face, learning the lessons, letting go and moving on. 

I am thankful for all of it – I am thankful for what has been, and I am frikkin exited for what will be !




2018 I am ready for you! 


May you bring us what we need to learn and live out,
with the inspiration and motivation to share what is of value for others too. 


I wish all of you the best of what is:
appreciating the goodness of life to its fullest,
with the willingness to be the artist of your own picture in times
when brighter colours are needed.


Happy New Years You Wicked Ones 




When I was writing this and searching for a suitable feature image I found this:

English Interview   /  Norwegian interview

It´s a happy look-back to when I worked with Zalando. What a rewarding experience that was!
And you know what, now I am allowing myself to be proud of it too. I guess it´s about time. 



Links to useful resources:  


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