A biiiiiig jump out of my comfort zone!
Landing head first into the decision of doing Yoga teacher training at Yandara Yoga Institute in Baja, Mexico. With one pair of highly exited blue eyes, and a oversized suitcase, I chose a one-way ticket towards my new adventure.


I didn’t know what to expect… Honestly I was trying not to expect anything at all. Knowing that it is better to travel without expectations than feeling disappointed because the reality turned out to be different than what I had played out in my mind. I have learned my lesson before, not eager to repeat. This time however, it was different. It was so different that even if I wanted to I wouldn’t have had any previous experiences to draw comparison from. Meaning no judgment, just pure passionate curiosity for this new world of wonder. And surely it turned out to be a whole new world.


My home for the next month was a 100% natural environment: The wild desert, the beautiful beach, the energizing surf and a cosy tent placed in the corner of the playground. So that I had a chance to escape the party when the search for solitude spoke up loudly. The party was ON for the entire month; a daily feed of new impressions, knowledge and connections. 24 unfamiliar faces with each our own inner reality, trying to keep balance both in the daily Yoga classes and in this new creative community. A community so committed to share, care and love.


Love: So strongly felt between those I didn’t know anything about. Those beautiful beings from all corners of the world with all sorts of backgrounds, experiences and luggage – all joined together inspired to care, share and love. It was truly magical, like nothing I have ever been a part of before. Learning to love oneself so that one can love others is the art of creation.
An art deeply devoted to by the inspiring spirits of Yandara.


Thank you for changing my life by giving me the guidance needed on my transformational journey in search for the hidden treasure. A treasure that I have finally found: Learning to do what I love, dressed in my true colors 😉


Thank you Yandara  


:: Namaste ::





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