I realised that I haven’t written anything on my blog since New Years. I realised that this website serve its purpose best as an online platform where value is added every time some of you read something that you find interesting for you, in one way or another. I am especially appreciative of those of you reaching out to me because of something you’ve read that you wanna share your thoughts about. 

This website is my online platform – and your library of randomness that you can dive into when you feel like it. When you do, great! If you don’t, that is by all means alright too. So I will continue to share when inspiration calls me, rather then writing whatever just to keep my blog up to date. That is how I prefer it to be and how this work will continue to unfold as long as I feel inspired to write and care to share. 

My logical mind was happy, but my heart was grieving

Today I am gonna write about a little something that I’ve gotten quite a lot of questions about…
Some questions asked in more opinionated ways to change my mind, however received by me as something like this: I see you, I hear you, but I have made up my mind for reasons that are far beyond what many might understand, right now. You see I don’t logically reason my way through life anymore, the times I did I burned and crashed. It happened again and again every time I tired to shut down that inner calling from my heart – that feeling of what I really wanted but didn’t know how to make happen.

I made up excuses to rationalise my doubt so that I wouldn’t go for something that I didn’t know how to make happen. I was scared. I created shitloads of road barriers on my path forwards without even being aware of it. My logical mind was happy, but my heart was grieving…  So no more of that bullshit! I have learned to listen, not to control. I have learned by going through contracts that has created the clarity I needed to connect to that inner voice I had been afraid of listening to before. I truly believe that challenges are our stepping stones to a new point of view… And after all these years I’ve climbed pretty high up, now I am ready to open my arms out wide, feel the fresh air on my skin and enjoy the views fromt the top! Fully aware of what it took to get my ass up here, grateful for what has been and for what is, and so incredibly exited for what is next 😀   

What a cliché!!??

So with that introduction of mountain metaphors and shit, what is really my point?
Well… I have a few, actually 3 to be exact. 
The first one is just me telling you what’s up: I have made a decision to step out of my comfort zone and into a new reality: A new place to live, new people, a new community, new studies, work and ways of living. I am moving to Los Angeles to study acting, starting in July. WHAT A CLISHE…. I know. Or maybe it isn’t? Maybe it is just someone finally daring to do what she has secretly always wanted, but never dared to do before. Maybe it is someone who feels that she has noting to loose by jumping into unfamiliar waters, because after all that is also where she thrives. Maybe that someone is ME, and you know what… I am so frikkin exited to do this!

Take the first step

The second one is me wanting you to think about something, anything that you want to do, that you haven’t done yet. Do you have any desires that you have hidden away in boxes underneath your bed? Is there anything that you have talked yourself away from doing because you dont know how to? Or maybe something that you’re feeling right now would be a big YES from your heart, but an even bigger NO from your logical mind?

Whatever it is that you feel is lingering beneath the surface, anything that you’re uncertain of how will work out, but still wish it would… Then choose it. Take the first step! There is magic in manifestation when we let go of “the how” and trust that the feeling of strong desire and excitement will show us every step of the way. You see, it is believing that we must see the whole staircase before we walk it that hinders us from even taking the first step. 

You are 100% worth it

And last, but not least, my third and final reach out to you is… to ask you if you can give yourself permission to fail, to fall on your face, to doubt and feel uncertain – yet still know and belive that everything that makes you grow, expand and unfold as a human being and soul is, and always will be 100% worth it! You are 100% worth it. They say that everything of value is (at some point) outside of our comfort zone. If we never challenge ourselves, we will never grow. It does definitely not mean that you should go out in the world looking for trouble and ways to problem solve everything around you. Hell no! That wont lead to any good.

Instead it means to go for your gut feeling, that inner knowingness that you can connect to when you slow down, open your palms and listen to learn… You dont need anyone else to give you the answers, the “how to” or the permission to do something new. It is all already yours. Fully available for you to benefit from as soon as you decide to do so. With other words, you have always had all the power and resources that you need. It has always been yours, and still is. So now, go out there and use your birthright of being the best version of you that you want to be.

Nothing is impossible, unless you believe it is.

Go and get em!

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