I Still Want YOU


You caught my attention like no one else was there

Your eyes, bright blue, capturing my curious heart

Wondering if this is a good place to start



Forgetting all about boundaries, you tear mine apart

I let you challenge my ways

Making me wonder if this is a good place to stay 



Falling fast into your spell, allowing myself to follow my hearts desire

You’re a dangerous one

I am not sure if I will get burned or if you will lift me higher



Disappointed over your lack of commitment

Only to discover that you are hiding behind your wall, afraid to fall

I can see it in your eyes when you look at me

Just how good we can be



You care more than you dare to share

Only to reveal your truth in the bottom of the bottle

Telling me that I deserve better than what you can give

Yes I do

So why the fuck do I still want you?! 






Art: Lindsay Rapp 


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