I Love YOU

I was gonna save this for Valentines´ Day, but I felt the urge to share today so I will go with the flow…

My mum recently called me, and one of the things that she asked was:
“so how’s your love life going?” It’s not often that she’s wanting to know so it honestly caught me by surprise. That said my response was probably even more of a surprise for her.

I said: “you know mum, I am actually happier now than I’ve ever been. Because I love, appreciate, accept and respect myself more than I ever have done before! I accept and respect what I’ve been through, who I was and where I am currently at. And I love and appreciate who I have become and where I am going”.

Mum was, well… not exactly quick to respond back, and what she said clearly shows that she and I have different ideas and perspectives of what Love really is.

For her Self Love is something that she is ashamed of. She has been told that you’re not supposed to be appreciative of oneself because that is being arrogant and selfish. Who do you think YOU are?!

For me that was also the belief system that she introduced and practiced when I grew up, teaching me what she knew. No bad intentions included, she just didn’t know that there could be a better way, because she had never experienced that for herself.

Luckily for me, life gave me some pretty badass belly kicks from above that I had to deal with. Which by the way is just a silly way to say that it has been a bumpy ride for sure, both with family and health challenges. But you know what? Now, I am thankful for all that back then seemed unfair and hard to handle.

I am thankful for all the contrasts that have given me clarity.

I am thankful for all the situations and experiences that were difficult to deal with because it all challenged me to trust myself more.

I am thankful for the ways of life that didn’t work out back then, giving me the lessons I needed to learn to know what I do, today.

And here’s the kicker…
I am thankful for the people that have treated me in ways less than I deserve because they’ve taught me to LOVE MYSELF MORE, UNCONDITIONALLY.

So, chances are if I can do this: If I am able to turn around something seemly negative into the biggest blessing of my life… So can you!

Never let anyone or anything dim your light,
keep shining!

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