I found you



I found you
You found me


You are teaching me how to listen to learn
And I will give you what you need in return
Now you’re free to be what you’ve always wanted to become
This is the path to guide me home, to you


Home is where I am waking up to live my dreams
Home is where my happy heart is the one who cares for my desires
Home is where I dare to get myself lifted higher, and higher


I found you at a place you’ve been waiting for me to discover
A place we can only see with our eyes closed
If I dont allow myself to feel
This may seem unreal


You told me to let go of the old to create space for the new
The new that is waiting for its turn to flow through
Feeling the highs and lows, the shadow and light
Learning my lessons with no need to fight


My happy heart will always be my safe place to stay
For me there is no other way
It is simple, just not easy, but most likely worth a try
I am guided in the direction I am meant to go:
Trust, believe and let go of the need to know how



I found you
You found me
This is where I wanna be





Photo: Ben Bohmer 

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