Grateful Gracious Yogini

• The beautiful benefits of working from the inside and out with Yoga and meditation.

• Learning to surrender + surf, both the waves and the resistance of doing something one yet has to learn how to master.

• Adventurous expeditions… Yes volcano boarding was frikkin fun!

• Enjoying super nutritious, healthy and delicious cuisine focused on local organic and fresh Nicaraguan foods and superfoods. 

• Sunset swims. Sunset yoga. Sunset walks. Sunset bliss.

• A lot of laughter, playful jokes and caring to share.


All of the above were what we were blessed with on our Gracious Living Retreat at the stunning location of Rise Up Surf in Nicaragua.




Waking up to the sound of the birds, followed by a barefoot morning walk at the beach. Rising up along with the sun. Feeling the refreshing sea, allowing the saltwater to wake me up. Morning yoga at 8am with a refreshing drink and a tasty breakfast as reward = a recipe for a beeeeautiful day and a grateful gracious yogini. 


The theme of the week was  ♦ C O U R A G E ♦
… and it certainly was a perfect fit for a curious yogini on a adventure to discover a world outside of her comfort zone: listening to learn, trying to let go of control and allowing life to flow. The subtle setting and Grace´s inspiration invited us to dive into the ocean and into ourselves. I found that the ocean held less resistance for that matter. Note to self: working within is more challenging than in theory. But luckily there are more of my kind; blessed beings that is, that are looking to learn to. It is so much easier and a lot more fun caring and sharing together.




It was a week of playful laugher, love and learning, challenges and creation included, motivation and inspiration too. In a retreat setting were all of us are living together and all sharing new experiences, one gets the chance to get to know each other in a different way than usual, and to a different degree than normally in out busy bee lives. We all got encouraged every day by Grace´s wise words, by the stunning setting inviting us to a full experience, and of course by each other – all of us trying something new in one way or another.


Thumbs up for volcano boarding


 … and surfing 😀



A week is enough to create positive changes in people’s lives if we allow ourselves to be receptive. We learn from contrasts that enable us to create new perspectives. We learn from people, from each other’s point of view. We learn from all our experiences along the way. And so I did, this time too, with both lessons and love included ♥




I am so happy that I decided to go for it, and truly thankful for what it turned out to be.
In the end, if you never try, you will never know ◊



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