Forget fancy yoga leggings and a perfect pose…


Yoga is so much more than that! 



Yoga is not limited to the physical practice that we can see and do.


Yoga is also a practice off the mat. Yoga is not only what we do, it is who we are.

Yoga is what we create when we are in connection with our whole being: body, mind & spirit.


Yoga is not dominated by duality. It is a practice that creates union. Yoga in its essence is union.

Yoga is a process that takes us where we need to go, yet it’s not always were we wanna be.


Yoga is not always a practice that we wanna do, however it is often a practice that we need in those times of denial. 


With time our perspective changes. So when we look back at were we started we understand why it all happened the way it did, and we can see why the journey took us to where we are today.


Yoga is a way of life.
Yoga is a way of living.

Yoga is my way of living,
and I love it,
I hate it,
I push it away,
I run after it…


It is all a part of the process and the practice.
A practice that I’ve become deeply passionate about. A practice that has shown me a way of life where I get what I need to share what I have learned and love – and for that I will forever be thankful ♥



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