Diving Into Crazy Cabo

… Litterally

I was exploring the riches of the underwater world while drunk teenagers were running around with neon lights in their panties screaming Spring breaaaaaaak ya´ll!!!!!

Welcome to Cabo San Lucas…

Artsy and laid back Todos Santos and Pescadero had been the out ´n about places the past month as a Yandara Yogini, so arriving in Cabo was indeed a crazy contrast. It was enjoyable to eat my first pistachio ice cream and feel the energy of something different, but it only took a few days before devious drunk spring breakers pushed me off the Cabo wagon.

I decided to seek the oblivious ocean instead. In search for something I hadn’t seen before rather than what I had seen too much of the last days (apparently American teenage boys stripping in front of my hotel bedroom window was old news).

Ready to do my diving certificate I knew little about what was expecting me. I was curious to explore the underwater world and hopefully discover the secret of the sea.



This was the first face I stumbled across underwater…
Watch my fingers, CHECK!

I had a good talk with a couple of funky fish,
like this little fella

We found that we at least had one thing in common:
The world is bright blue for both of us

My diving instructor asked me what I hoped to see underawater,
and an answer popped out of my mouth without even having to think about it:
A seahorse

They’re such bewildering beautiful creatures…
They look so fragile, yet they are so strong and mystical, coexisting in ease with everything.

I had 4 days to search for the secret of the sea,
and guess what…

I found it.





Mother Ocean
You are Magical 




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