Dear Self

May I bring you clarity and peace by accepting all sides to your being – and the process that unfolds as life, as your life. For your life is a work of art, expressing itself as a range of different patterns, colours and experiences. Sometimes with shadows of doubt, other times flowing with lightness and love. Your life is a unique piece of art that brings you all that you need to create your own masterpiece – daring to dance with the flow and trusting the creative process.
Why? Well, it might be worth a try. 


A process that has no need to hide the darkness to make room for the light. A process that allows heartbreaks and sadness to be something of value, just as much as lightness and love. 
How? By allowing the contrasts to create clarity, and in those times when answers are wanted but don’t seem to show up, maybe there is something resisting its existence?



Sometimes we think that we already know what we want so we seek confirmation. Instead of listening to learn, we listen to control and confirm. And then we’re left wondering why clarity seem to be left out of the equation. We forget to remember that clarity might mean change, and change can sometimes be something we resist, looking for ways around the guidelines already given…



The magic happens when we listen to learn without attachment to the outcome, then we will receive exactly what we need. Even if it might be something different than what we want. If that seems to be the case, remember that as the tide turnes we tend to connect the dots by looking back and seeing the blessings in disguise. I believe that challenges are given to us as an opportunity to grow, to expand our awareness and to discover new ways of living our life. 





 ♠   Thank you for not giving me what I wanted 

For now I know what I need   ♥






Photo: Cecilia Johansen, Frikant Media 

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