Care to share with Proyecto Huella

I am highly inspired after seeing my friend Tim in action. 

He has such a passion to give back to Mother Nature by leaving a footprint that counts for more than only what we consume… 

I first met Tim in a tour of ASVO´s turtle project here in Montezuma where he spoke about the turtles with such eager and enthusiasm that me and my friends couldn’t help being inspired and curious to know more. That day there were beautiful baby turtles ready to be released and we were so blessed to be a part of it.




The turtle tour and release is organized by ASVO, one of Costa Rica’s largest non-profit groups, they do great work to protect and care for turtle eggs and turtle babies so that they have a bigger chance to survive and grow up to become happy and healthy adult turtles. You can find more information about ASVO and their work online. They also offer a volunteer program if you are interested to participate for the caring of beautiful baby turtles.

After the turtle tour me and my friend Silvana decided to help Tim with his beach clean-ups. That day I opened my eyes to a reality that I have been unknowingly ignoring all this time. It is not what we look at that matters, it is what we see…


46 big bags of plastic removed from the beach → a result of only one mans work with some help on the last day. Imagine then how much more we can do if we all can work together ⇔



Three happy faces after loading all the plastic bags in the boat


Beach clean-up is only one of the accomplishments that Tim has an eager eye for.
His willingness to practice what he preach has become the steady foundation of Proyecto Huella/Project Footprint.



What is Proyecto Huella?

“PH is grassroots motion towards supporting and generating vital conservation and justice action. We have been acting quietly on a small scale for about two years and we have seen some wonderful accomplishments. Assisting animal shelters, care for homeless domestic animals, endangered species conservation work, support for campaigns and protests, food share programs, water rights protection, skill sharing, and beach clean-ups are a few things we’ve been up to. We have accomplished these things with almost zero outside funding. We are reaching out now and asking for your help. Please help us grow so we can do much more!!”



I would greatly appreciate if you can care to share – it will be of great help to create awareness and support to keep this amazing project alive and alert.

Click on the following link to help Proyecto Huella. Our support counts! 



Thank you 

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