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Stiina Casandra Andersen
is my chosen name.
I have been working as a yoga teacher since 2014.
So far I have completed 750 hours RYT certified yoga, Ayurvedic & health education.

I absolutely love what I do – sharing my passionate work with people gives me so much joy!
Creative work is also included in that equation:
photo, film, writing or a movement expression of some sort
– you name the game and I will probably take the challenge.


A long story short:

I am born and raised in the northern part of Norway where the midnight sun is the queen in the summer and the northern lights governs the throne when winter comes along. Although I appreciate the magical piece of land that I grew up in, my itchy toes lead me out on adventure at the age of 17 when I first lived away from home, then for a year in England. Since then the travel bug has never let go of me, and I have been feeding it with many travels out and about in our world of wonders for some time now.

Why did I start with yoga?

Then I changed my life, or I had no other choice…
Long story short: I experienced some serious health challenges that created the contrasts I needed to navigate my way to the path I am walking today. Back then my whole life fell apart, but now when I  look back, I can connect the dots and clearly see why it all happened the way it did (you can read the story here).  I was meant to find my passion, my everyday healing practice – and a way to share that with all of you. I was meant to find yoga – not only as a physical practice, but more importantly as a way of being, living my life and working with what I love. 

Looking back now I can clearly see that the hardships I have been through gave me the contrasts I needed to discover the blessings in disguise. In the beginning I didn’t believe in the healing power of a practice like yoga, I didn’t believe that it could help me when nothing else had… but I am happy to say that I was wrong. Now I live my life fully! Thanks to what started as a 20 minute restorative yoga practice at home and later became my recipe for a happy & healthy body, mind & soul. I am no longer in disease, and I am beyond words grateful for the positive transformation this life changing practice has given me.
There is a unique healing power that can be created when we decide to work with the body – from the inside and out. All of us have to start somewhere, and it’s not always at the bright side that we begin. 


The true value of yoga is revealed when we use the yoga poses to get into the body, rather than using the body to get into the pose.

Yoga  ≈  union
We aim to practice in a way that unites every part of our
body and being


Thank you for tuning into my world.
If you feel like reaching out, you can find my contact details below ↓

Keep up the good vibes you wicked ones !


Photos: Marika Mørkestøl




Relevant credentials:


      • Medicine Foundation study ~ Atlantis Medisinske Høgskole

      • 300 hour Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Flow & Myofascia Release
        Teacher Training ∼ Kranti Yoga, India

      • 200 hour Vinyasa & Yin Yoga TT ~ Yandara Yoga Institute, Mexico

      • 100 hour Yogic Flow Arts  ∼ HiYoga, Oslo

      • 150 hour Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist ~ California College of Ayurveda

      • NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner ~  Nordic Coach & NLP Academy




Any requests and bookings can be sent to:


Photo: Lisa-Marie Hoelstad