At first I didn’t realise how much I wanted out
but after coming back here I’ve no more doubt
Changing who I am trying to fit in
is an issue I won’t win


I dunno what is elsewhere for me
but I’m trying to face the reality
I dream for a better way
and that I will see you again someday


Is there a better way
to live life everyday
I have a feeling it might just be
something very different that is meant for me


This place is haunted with old feelings
which no longer have any meanings
It used to be my place to stay
now I look at it in a different way


I feel so empty, like I don’t belong
all these negative feelings are way too strong
I don’t want to be here, I don’t want to do this
and I truly regret not giving you that goodbye kiss

Wanting out is the best thing that has happened to me

because I took a chance which made me see
I have a dream, something that is mine to hold on to
it feels so real and I know it is true


I have chosen a path that might not last
but that is a chance I’m willing to take
I don’t know how
but at least I will do what I love
instead of following the ongoing flow


When you have a dream that feels real to you
this is what you should do
Hold on to it, keep it safely in your heart, for it to last


Let the magic of new beginnings set you free
That’s the only way to let go of the old
and create what’s meant to be








Photo: Ben Bohmer 


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