I am your Mirror


We seek it – We get it

We get used to it – We take it for granted

We desire more – We forget to be thankful for what we already have



We don’t like our job – We have yet to discover our purpose through the practice of our passion

We resist showing vulnerability – We are afraid of being hurt

We try to be good enough – We have yet to accept our perfect imperfections



We try to fit in – We believe that being ourselves isn’t good enough

We hold rage and regrets for the past – We are blocking the wicked wonders of the world in front of us

We only search outside of ourselves for answers – We have yet to discover the magic melody created by our own inner voice



We believe that life is something that only happens to us – We choose to sit in the backseat while no one is driving

We believe that getting all that we desire equals happiness – We have yet to discover the gift of giving

We worry about our future – We are blocking our creativity by rehearsing that which we don’t want to happen



We desire to be seen by everyone else but dont wanna look inside – We must first acknowledge and appreciate our own true colors

We resist Love  We are afraid of being hurt. We use previous regrets to build a barrier between us and what we truly deserve

We want other people to change, to understand, to give us what we desire – we must first start to give, do and be that which we desire to receive and see. 




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