2019: The year of not giving a fuck more often


2019: the year of not giving a fuck more often. Which can be interpreted as me being arrogant and careless about all and everyone… something so far from the intention for the ways I wanna live my life…
Not giving a fuck more often is my way to stop overthinking what others will think of me when I do or don’t do [fill in the blank].


It’s me turning my attention to my desired outcomes rather then the what-ifs.
It’s me fully focused on my goals and why I want to get to where I wanna go, rather then how it possibly can happen.
It’s me remembering why I love to write, care to share and creatively express, instead of worrying about the response.


Like many of us can relate with, 2018 has been a year that has had its ups and downs. Firstly, I want to express my deep appreciation and gratitude for all the good in my life, and especially to those of you amazing people that I’ve shared the good vibes with. Thank you!


So to the part I promised myself not to sugarcoat. 
The past year has kicked my ass in so many ways. It feels like I’ve been in a tumble dryer, all shaken up and shattered into pieces. A lot of the things that have happened below the surface has shaped me in ways I wasn’t prepared for or wanted to deal with… but that’s life. It’s always the rough ride that provides most opportunity for us to rebuild ourselves stronger. So I intend to do, with all of the pieces included in this perfectly imperfect puzzle that is me.



2019, I am ready for your ways of life that I will live in the best ways possible!

Let’s celebrate the goodness and learn from lessons given.
I wish that for me, and I wish that for all of you beautiful beings  



Happy New Years! 






Photos: Stian Ekre 





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